Workbook & CDs

The Clock Yourself workbook and CD was launched in July 2017 at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress in Cape Town and enthusiastically welcomed by physiotherapists worldwide.

By bringing the Clock Yourself methodology to CDs and paper book, we have effectively made  exergaming as ‘low tech’ as it can possibly be.  This was done intentionally to make it accessible for people who are not confident with smart phones.


For every new clockface you find on the Clock Yourself app there is a corresponding CD. You can change the speed of the audio prompts by changing the track on the CD. The workbook has clear instructions and pictures of the clockfaces that you can prop up in front of you on a shelf of table while you are becoming familiar with them.

We’re working on putting up a shop in July 2017, and we’re securing distributors world wide to bring down the postage costs for our international customers.

In the meantime, you can preview the Clock Yourself workbook using the virtual flip book below.


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